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The M.D.S Agency

The M.D.S(Midland Drama School) Agency represents our students in Film, Theatre, Television and Modeling work. Our school is contacted regularly by Casting Agents and Directors and we will source suitable students for various projects.

If we decide to send a student to an audition, we will get in touch with the child’s parents / guardians and discuss the brief for the particular project. If they decide to allow their child attend the audition, and if the student is successful,

The M.D.S Agency will look after contracts, chaperones and any other requirements there are relating to the project. We will charge a commission depending on the project, this is inline with common practice.

All photos and profiles are kept securely on file with Midland Drama Schools, and may be used by us in castings.

Our Agency has always been a popular source of talent, with many of our students appearing in successful television, film and advertising campaigns.

To view some of these achievements check out our NEWS Page and Archived News Items also on our website..

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