What is Play therapy?

Play therapy is a way of helping children cope with their distress and make sense of their lives using play and the creative arts. Play therapy can be used to help children experiencing: Anger Management Difficulties, Anxiety, Bereavement, and Lack of self esteem/confidence, Bullying, Attachment Issues, Experience of Domestic Violence, Separation/Divorce, ADD/ADHD/Autism, Communication Difficulties, Trauma/PTSD, Adoption, and Relocation.
Play therapy is a method of psychotherapy and a non-talking therapy that allows children to make sense of painful experiences and upsetting feelings, even though they might not have a cognitive or conscious understanding of why they are feeling a particular way. Through play, children can explore and express their feelings at a conscious and unconscious level. As play is a child’s first language it is important to their social, cognitive, language, creative and emotional development. Children play out their experiences and feelings in the same way that adults talk about theirs.


10am - 1pm Monday to Friday

Sessions are available

Involves a child attending regular sessions with the play therapist. The play therapy tool kit is used with the child as they play out their feelings and process stressful or upsetting experiences.

Skills that are focused on within the group are: Friendships and relationships, play skills, language development, communicating 1:1 and working in groups, teamwork, and turn taking…

Children in group therapy benefit from the overall support of their peers, as well as learning they are not the only one feelings a particular way or going through a particular experience. Group members together learn new skills of self- regulation and/or self expression. Children attending group therapy are grouped off together by referral issue of concern and who are at similar stages of development.


Play Therapy Benefits

A safe environment is created which allows the child to play with as few limits as possible, while keeping them safe. This allows healing to occur on many levels, while also giving children a sense of control in their process. Through the use of play therapy, children are better able to cope with difficult emotional situations. By being able to process their feelings and fears, they will develop increased confidence as they feel more in control of their lives. This will provide an overall improved emotional well-being of the child.

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€20 per year

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