Our Drama School Syllabus covers a variety of drama subjects:

Drama (all elements)
Audition Preparation.
Stage Performance and Acting Skills (suitable for stage and T.V )
Exploring the art of Mime.
Speech and Drama. Interview skills, Public Speaking , Recognised Exam grades catered for.
Developing Effective Communication techniques.
Building Confidence, Assertiveness and Self Esteem.
Singing (vocal training).

Each year we host  Annual Show Productions and Musicals in our fully equipped studios which converts into a theatre . Along with these annual productions, students are given the opportunity to participate in showcases and  theatre plays during term time to show off their skills!

Students may also chose to participate in Speech & Drama, Effective Communication, or Solo Acting exams each year. These optional exams are officiated by the Leinster School of Music and Drama (LSMD) who are part of Griffith College Dublin, and help prepare students for job interviews and increase confidence and public speaking.

Benefits of Drama

Drama promotes team-work (team-building games/working together as a cast)
Increases self-esteem and confidence.
Allows students to express themselves creatively
Promotes understanding and empathy (by taking on the role of another character students get the opportunity to learn how to “walk in the shoes of someone else”)
Problem solving and co-operation (students work together to develop ideas with one another, they must discuss and agree on outcomes for improvisations and team-work activities)
Spatial awareness (students learn not to “block” each other on stage, they learn to create patterns and shapes with their bodies through dance and movement too)
Reading and speaking; through the use of tongue twisters, script reading etc students practice reading and speaking. Students learn to emphasize certain words, phrases and how to project their voices properly.
Relaxation and fun: drama gives students an outlet to express themselves freely, drama games are fun and allow students to play and relax.