Singing classes are available to students from 5yrs upwards for both boys and girls.
Adult Classes are also available on request.
Classes can be taken as a private lesson or a group lesson.
Each year our singers take part in an Annual Christmas Singing Recital, which is always a huge success, with all proceeds going to charity.
The classes emphasise on the individuality of the voice, aiming to bring-out and develop the individuals personal style.

You learn to care for your voice and to sing in the various key signatures associated with complete vocal performance and correct breathing techniques. The lessons also seek to build your confidence to perform in public.
Audition training is also available.
Grade exam preparation is catered for optional choice.
lessons are held at all our venues Mondays ,Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays .

Places are limited booking early is advised to avoid disappointment.