Classes are suitable for students aged 3yrs to 4yrs

Classes held weekly Kindergarten will be introduced to a variety of activities which include: dance, drama, speech & drama, singing and of course some fun and games! The classes will help in developing self confidence, discipline, team-building and new creative skills. The classes are ideal in channelling all that creative energy your little ones may have. They will stay with the familiar face of their teacher and will begin to develop their skills at their own pace in a safe and caring environment.

Stage 1: Kindergarten 3-4yrs

Watch your child grow in confidence and introduce your child to the wonderful world of music, dance and drama. Watch them develop their coordination; stimulate their creative minds, whilst meeting new friends at the same time. Kindergarten and Junior students also take part in the various Midland Drama School shows and productions along with the other older students.

Focuses on developing self-confidence, performance techniques & communication skills through a range of lively activities. They will explore wonderful characters & sounds, encouraging expression and imagination through a wide range of fun activities and captivating dramatic story-telling.

Introduces our Kinder students into the exciting world of dance for all levels of experience. This will help in developing balance and posture as well as coordination and basic rhythm. They will learn both Modern and Tap dance styles through fun pop music as well as Musical Theatre songs.

Encourages confidence and also introduces them to basic articulation. Children will be introduced to new and fun singing exercises and warm ups, with the main emphasis being on having fun. They will sing along to their favourite pop songs as well as musical theatre; whilst having fun!