Wedding First Dance Lessons

We cater for weddings, parties, functions and occasions with experienced teachers for Wedding Couple’s First Dance training (in whatever Dance style is desired) available to provide the best of entertainment to make your day special.

Wedding Entertainment

  • We cater for weddings, parties, functions and occasions with experienced and trained
  • Church and drinks reception wedding singers
  • Available to provide the best of entertainment to make your day special

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For your First Dance, we are here to get rid of all of those first dance nerves and teach you how to dance! We offer single lessons to learn steps and style, packages in which you will learn your own individually choreographed first dance, or we can even teach you how to recreate that favourite movie moment – Dirty Dancing perhaps?! No request is too big or small – everyone wants something different for their wedding and therefore for their first dance also. You can be as simple or as imaginative as you like!

All our teachers are highly trained and experienced professionals. They have vast experiences of teaching, choreographing and performing dance of various styles. Each person is capable of bringing something extra special to your first dance.
We have never yet met anyone who can’t dance and truly believe anyone can do it with the right teacher and dedication.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. I am pleased to say that we have had the pleasure of adding that ‘extra sparkle’ to many couples’ weddings and first dances, and hopefully to yours too.

Your lessons can be private if desired (or with the bridal party) – just the two of you and your teacher – and are held in a local dance studio/hall. Through your first dance lessons you will learn the steps and style to complete your specially choreographed dance to your chosen first dance song. The most popular choice of lesson is the three hour block booking, where couples can learn and perform their own tailored routing with style and confidence. Most couples start out in silence with concentration and nerves but by the last lesson they are discussing what to have for dinner and giggling about last night’s Corrie whilst whizzing around the floor!

Of course, in this time of the credit crunch, wedding budgets are being squeezed, so a new trend of one to two hour intensive lessons is emerging. In this option, a couple will learn some basic moves and steps to perform with lots of style! They can then use these move in their first dance as they feel appropriate, and indeed to use throughout the night. A great many couples have found this very beneficial.
The best advice we can give for a really successful first dance is to look at your song choice options…..and then go for it! It really ads something extra special to your wedding, and your guests will love it! You’ll only have the chance to do your first dance once, so why not do it in style?